Most quotes will be reviewed within a 24-hour span.

Quotation Email: Click here to email us an RFQ.. Blueprints must be attached if available.

Typical Turnaround Times: T&T Anodizing provides our customer’s with an average turnaround time of 2-3 days.

Minimum Charge Orders Turnaround Time: Every process has a minimum charge. If a customer’s order falls under the minimum charge, T&T guarantees a ONE day turnaround time.
"Minimum Charge" jobs are typically jobs that take one or two small fixtures to complete and are determined at our sole discretion. Additional setup and or special fixture fees may apply on some jobs. All anodizing prices include nickel acetate and or DI sealing. Painting and silk-screening prices do not reflect additional times and setup fees that may be necessary in order to complete the job.


While You Wait Turnaround times: We also offer same day turnarounds for those “crunch time” moments! Additional fees apply, please contact us for more details.



T&T accepts all major credit cards.